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Virtual Learning Environment
We believe that in our increasingly global environment, the quality of success will be determined by a student’s ability to understand and communicate with people from different cultures. Atlantic Factorial International School is proud to acknowledge that our student body has consisted of students from around the world. Naturally, this makes for a multicultural, multiethnic environment that looks ahead to the world of tomorrow. English is the official language of the school; however, reflecting the global trend, Chinese, French, German, and Spanish are spoken as well.

We have partnered with The Cyber Education Center to give us the ability to provide our students with a world class education virtually. Students are now able to acquire an American education (diploma) online. Our staff consists of highly qualified teachers, technology professionals, and staff.

Students are able to learn using in a highly technical environment. The partnership with the Cyber Education Center allows students to access their teachers using our many cyber classrooms.

Students are also able to learn at their own pace by accessing our online portal. The portal is available to the students 24/7. This means students are able to work both weekdays and weekends.