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We provide a proprietary refinery technology that converts Crude Oil (any type), Heavy Oil, and Bitumen, into Normal Diesel/Petrol/Jet Fuel and Organic Fertilizer at fully loaded production costs. The entire plant is modular with scalability and can be manufactured and installed in 4 months vs. the conventional technology of 18-24 months.


  1. It is an innovative, environmentally friendly and highly efficient conversion of different types of crude oil down to refinery bottoms. The process used converts crude oil to 100% sellable products like gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and organic fertilizer.
  2. This facility converts 30,000 bpd Light Crude oil into approx. 25% gasoline, 55% Diesel, 15% jet fuel and 240 tons of high quality pathogen free fertilizer (Designed to convert any type of crude).
  3. There are no disposable products, such as petroleum coke or bottoms, 100% of the feedstock is converted and sold.
  4. Fossil fuel will be in demand over the coming 15 years. The initial investment is basically covered after 1 year of operation. Depending on the demand, Fertilizer can be used in many applications. An additional option available is high grade asphalt plant to produce 6244 standard asphalt. The production cost is well below typical refinery margins. The plant can be expanded as a modular system and can be easily installed at different locations.
  5. Our refinery technology is modular and globally scalable without any complications.
  6. Oil refineries convert crude oil, coal, or natural gases into fuel (including petrol, diesel, paraffin, kerosene). There are various processes involved which include heating and chemical reactions.



Gas dehydration stations

Regulating metering stations

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Foaming Agent for Natural Gas Production Stimulation