Maritime Monitoring & Security

Monitoring the water across our planet is not an easy task. Radio frequency (RF) analytics helps in the detection of activities. Track vessels whether the AIS is turned on or off to better protect exclusive economic zones and territorial waters from illegal fishing, smuggling, trafficking, and more.

Our Maritime Services Include:

Vessel Tracking

Atlantic Factorial provide insights to help agencies quickly identify maritime traffic and monitor activity within their areas of interest.
With our space-based RF detection, optical and radar imagery and advanced machine learning we deliver critical information quickly—these actionable details save time, money and lives. Analyst-ready data enables broad-area surveillance as well as the
ability to “zoom in” on vessels of interest for greater detail.

With high-resolution imagery, tipped from active and passive sensors, we allow operators to see before they go, ensuring that interdiction resources are focused on the most important vessels.

  • We track all vessels or specific subsegments
  • We also provide historical records for resolution incidents and pollution or litigation
  • We develop vessel route efficiency functionalities.

Maritime Intelligence

Customers are able to follow ships all around the globe, even on the high seas and remote areas. Atlantic Factorial extensive vessel database and all our research tools are fully satellite-enabled: Port Call Logs, Events, Voyage Report and Schedule tables all benefit from the data quality and provide a consistent and complete picture of any vessel’s behaviour, trading patterns and port activities.

Want To Track Your Vessel?

Why Choose Atlantic Factorial?

We work with leading satellite and top-notch technology companies to provide unique and specialized services to the military, governments, companies, and institutions of learning.

We possess a personal touch and the local expertise needed to make successful service delivery with constant communication around the world a possibility.

Because of our experience and connections in the satellite industry, we are able to offer competitive pricing for the government and companies in the maritime industry.

Our highly trained staff enables us to facilitate the entire process from start to finish and update you throughout the entire process. Customer communication is absolute.  Our phones are always answered as we dislike voice mail. We also promptly respond to all email.